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U Youwang Studio was founded on May 3, 2017, a new IT start-up company. As a resource product website, U Youwang also bears the mission of serving customers with quality and giving priority to innovation. We firmly believe that quality products with dedicated service can definitely be recognized by our customers in the future. Business: website source code, website construction, software promotion, game point cards, value-added business recharge, game assistant cards, program software, and other virtual products and physical objects. Services: Resource integration, online education, mission release are mainly for individual, company, Taobao, patting and other online shopkeepers, Internet cafe owners and private players. Also have feelings to encourage college students to start their own businesses, join us to fight for their own network world.

Corporate Culture "Honesty", "Customer", "Execution" and "Innovation"

Enterprise mission is to create maximum value for customers and businesses with advanced system platforms and innovative business models.

Enterprise Idea 1. Honesty: Personality is the most important, honesty is the basis, open and aboveboard, promising and resounding.

2. Customers: Customers are like mothers, serving with heart, thinking through transposition, and customers experience everything first.

3. Implementation: Data Speaking, Results Oriented, Details Focused, Effective Communication Pursuing Efficiency

4. Innovation: Breaking Constraints, Fulfilling Potential, Daring to Attempt and Continuously Pursuing to Create Value

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